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IMT Quality assurance



       Key Features

  • Ideal for Daily 6DOF QA

  • kV, MV, CBCT Isocenter

  • < 7 Minutes Start-to-Finish

  • Automated Analysis

  • Data Trending

  • Therapist-Friendly

  • Budget-Friendly

  • Locates on couch index
    bar for reproducible orthogonal setup

ISO HEX2.png

                                             Full Description

The IMT ISO/HEX Check™ is designed with simplicity and ergonomics in mind for the purpose of providing a fast and easy, yet comprehensive solution for daily 6DOF QA in a modern treatment facility.

This daily tool is light-weight, reproducible and efficient.  The ISO/HEX Check implements an efficient workflow allowing the IGRT, Linac and 6DOF couchtop systems to be verified on a daily basis in just under 7 minutes when paired with our iQA™ Auto Analysis Software.

The ISO/HEX Check allows the user to first setup to an offset target with a known shift in all 6 axes. A CBCT image is acquired to obtain the shifts needed and then the couch shifts are applied in all axes with the central target at Isocenter. kV, MV, and CBCT images are obtained and exported to iQA for analysis, where a comprehensive alignment and coincidence report is generated.

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