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Mobius3D System 

Completed Treatment QA

Mobius3D is the first and only 3D dose verification and IMRT/VMAT and treatmeand every fraction in 3D to provide six layers of error protection.

  • MobiusCalc: 3D treatment plan QA

  • MobiusFX: 3D IMRT/VMAT QA and daily treatment QA

  • MobiusCB: 3D patient CBCT QA

  • DoseLab: Linear accelerator QA

                Mobius3D quality assurance system features and advantages


Computing system and user interface

  • Pre-loaded specific Linac beam data. (Including Halcyon and VersaHD)

  • Auto backup treatment report and Linac configuration.​

  • Patient can be anonymized then export.

  • Automatic analyze linac generated log files​.

  • Automatic match interrupted treatment logs.​

  • Suitable for treatment techniques such as VMAT, IMRT, SRS, SBRT, and others​.

  • User Interface can be operate via common web browsers.

  • Analyze Speed​.

  • Compare dose at Targets and ROIs.(Plan vs. Mobius3D; Plan vs. Delivered)​

  • Compare DVH.(Plan vs. Mobius3D; Plan vs. Delivered)​

  • Compare Dose Limitation according to RTOG Protocol. (Plan vs. Mobius3D; Plan vs. Delivered)

  • Same patient can have different plans, and have functions like edit, delete etc.​

  • Able to generate 3D Gamma results, and criteria is customizable​.

  • Record each treatment’s gamma value and presented in Trend Analysis.​

  • Compare Isodose lines within Plan CT set .(Plan vs. Mobius3D; Plan vs. Delivered)​

  • Show dose distribution on different CT image planes​.

  • For results not within the limitations, on time display and notification.​

  • Independent Server that does not connect to Linac or IOS Server.​

  • System is integrated with Commission and Verification Phantom.  


 CBCT QA Function​

  • Compare CBCT and Plan CT images’ relative position​.

  • Display 3D Density Gamma Passing Rate​.

  • Suitable for Varian and Elekta Linac CBCT Image​.

  • Density Gamma Calculation Time < 100s​.

  • Shift Recommendation Function​.

  • Automatically generate report​.

  • Record and presented in trend analysis​.

  • Position Shift Analysis.

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